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“Missions” is an exciting word at Glenview!

There is no greater mission than reaching those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and then helping them become Christ-Like disciples. That is true here in Medicine Hat, across Canada and to “the ends of the earth”.

We are blessed to be partners in the amazing global mission effort called Nazarene Missions International (NMI).

  • NMI supports over 500 missionaries and their nearly 200 children who serve in over 159 world areas.
  • NMI supports 60 hospitals and clinics worldwide.
  • NMI supplies funds and training for small manufacturing or agricultural initiatives that provide a living for the world’s most needy people.
  • NMI is poised to respond to natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and earthquakes.
  • NMI through its compassionate ministry centers, providing for the addicted, the homeless, the poor, the orphaned and the even the refugees from war torn countries.

One of the most thrilling things is that through this partnership, Glenview people can accomplish much more than we ever could by ourselves. We have four main objectives for the families of Glenview.

  1. To encourage our people to pray for all efforts of World evangelism.
  2. To inform our people of world needs and what our church is doing to meet those needs.
  3. To challenge children and youth to learn about and participate in this great mission.
  4. To raise funds locally to help meet the needs globally.

For this reason, every Thanksgiving Sunday and Easter Sunday we take a special love offering for others. Each year, usually twice, we as a church host a missionary who comes with pictures and artifacts of their area of the world. It expands our world view and gets us up close and personal with what our church is doing globally.

Each month as part of our morning service we display a short video which shows the many ways people are influenced for Christ. The World Radio Broadcasts, Child Sponsorship, The Jesus Film are just three of the very intentional ways NMI reaches out to people where they are.

In summary everything we do as a Missions Team strives to raise awareness of the great world needs and give ample opportunities for each of us at Glenview to participate in the great effort of Missions.