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Glenview Nazarene Church

OUR MISSION: Pointing People to God

OUR VISION: Creating Christ-Like Disciples though a loving relationship with God (UP), Community (IN) and the World (OUT).

THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE in your neighbourhood

The Church of the Nazarene is located in over 5,500 neighborhoods across North America. The buildings reflect almost every architectural style and time period; some boast soaring colonial spires, while others are boldly contemporary, and still others are purely functional. Whatever may be on the outside of the building, there are common denominators inside every Nazarene congregation – most of which have to do with relationships. For instance . . .

A Warm Fellowship is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a Nazarene congregation

Because of that you can usually expect:

  • A friendly sense of community and care for families, singles, newlyweds, senior citizens, young children, teens, and all ages between
  • A concern for families expressed in social activities, service opportunities, learning situations, and worship experiences
  • Participation in ministry through Sunday School, men’s and women’s organizations, youth and children’s programs

Spiritual nurture is the church’s most basic responsibility. In a Church of the Nazarene this nurture will be expressed by:

  • Pastoral counseling and prayer meetings
  • Special times of evangelism and outreach
  • Opportunities for times of public commitment and prayer at the altar
  • Participation in the sacraments, both Baptism and Communion
  • Graded study programs like Sunday School and Bible Study Groups
  • Retreats for teens through adults
  • Providing opportunity for ministry

For More Information: Please contact the church at 403-529-9300 or email us at info@glenviewnazarene.ca.

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